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Question And Answer

1. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a) ‘Home Science’ is both art and science. Justify and tell two career opportunities after
studying home science.
(See Lesson 1, 12)

Ans: There are two career opportunities after studying home science.
(i) Dietetics and Nutrition: The role of the dietitian is pivotal for food analysis, food management, and food therapy. Dieticians and nutritionists are concerned about the individual needs are prescribe diet as per human physiology, calorie intake, bearing in mind the pros and cons of various diseases.

(ii) Textile and Clothing: The textile industry is one of the most flourishing in India with increasing focus on fashion and textile. Thus the job of the home science individual is in fabric construction, dyeing, printing and evaluating, identifying, and selecting fabrics/products from suppliers based on the suitability and testing for performance under various conditions.

2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a) Give the importance of balanced diet. (See Lesson 3, 5)

Ans: A balanced diet supplies the nutrients our body needs to work effectively without balanced nutrition, our body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and low performance. Children who don’t get enough healthy foods may face growth and development problems, poor academic performance, and frequent infections.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.

3. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a) Discuss two products each made from natural and man-made fibres and give two reasons why sorting should be done before washing clothes.
(See Lesson 9, 10)

Ans: Nature Fibres:
Cotton and wool are two examples, which are mainly used in textile clothing but there are many often natural fibres produced in smaller quantities such as e.g. silk, flax, or hemp.
Natural fibres are obtained from plants, animals, or mineral sources.

Man-made fibres:
Synthetic fibres are fibres made by humans through chemical synthesis, as opposed to natural fibres that are directly derived from living organisms.

Polyester and nylon are examples of man-made fibre. It is a high-performance fibre.
Sorting clothes allows us to use different was cycles (deticate, normal, permanent press) and also allows for washing in different temperatures most importantly, sorting clothes decreases the chance that a garment is going to bleed onto another when we control the cycle type and water temperature

4. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
(b) You have come to the city for higher studies and live alone in a rented accommodation. Share the following with your friend: (See Lesson 3, 19)

(i) Explain the advantages of living in a joint family to your friend.
(ii) Plan a weekly menu for yourself which you will give to your food vendor.

Ans: (i) Advantages of a joint family:
Togetherness, Growing up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents gives children the opportunity to connect with everyone and forge close bonds.

Growing up together, children learn to Share, Case for and respect everyone. They also learn how to empathize with those around them.

Ans: (ii) Our weekly menu:

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner
MondayJuice, Salad, One ParathaRice, Rajma, Any Pulse, SaladDried Mix Veg., Roti, One Glass Milk
Tuesday Juice, Salad, SandwichRice, Roti, Chole, SaladMatar Paneer, Roti, One Glass Milk
WednesdayMix Fruit Chaat, ParathaRice, Roti, Chicken Gravy, SaladPotato Wedges, Mix Pulse, Roti, One Glass Milk
Thursday Daliya, Apple Soybean Potato Vegetable, Pulse, Rice, Roti SaladFish Gravy, Roti Salad
FridayBoiled Egg, Roasted Bread, Jam, MilkShahi Paneer, Jeera Puloav, SaladShahi Paneer, Puri, Salad One GlassJuice
SaturdayCoffee, PastryBagan Ki Sabji (Brinjal), Rice, About Curd, SaladGrilled Chicken, Naan Gravy, Salad
SundayBoiled Egg, Bread Sandwich, Milk Any FruitMix Pulse, Rice, Salad, Pichle PapadGrilled Fish, Chicken Gravy, Roti

5. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
(a) Your mother bought a washing machine from a reputed company during ‘sale period’
which developed a defect after a week.
(See Lesson 22)

(i) Tell your mother what are her rights as a consumer (any two)
(ii) What can be a possible disadvantage of buying a product during ‘sale period’.

Ans: (i) Consumer Rights:
(1) Right to Safety: Right to Safety means the right to be protected against to marketing of goods and services, which are hazardous to life and property. The purchased goods and services availed of should not only meet their immediate needs but also fulfill long-term interests.

(2) Right to choose: Right to choose means the right to be assured, wherever possible of access to a variety of goods and services at a competitive price. In the case of monopolies, it means the right to be assured of satisfactory quality and service at a fair price. It also includes right to basic goods and services

(ii) Today is the era of online selling. In which a lot of fraud is happening. There are also many online sales in these. Therefore, there are many types of fraud in buying any item sale, which is as follows:

(1) Return Policy and 3D Image: Whenever we buy a Product in Sale, then definitely check what is its return policy. Many times people buy goods after seeing more discount but they are not returnable if they do not like it or return it if the quality is bad. Also, take a good look at the image in the matter of clothes as well.

(2) Check products with more discounts: Check the Products which are available at higher discounts properly. Most of the discounts are on two types of products, the first is the product being launched so that it can be marketed. or another product whose stock is to be exhausted.

(3) No Cost EMI affair: First of all, understand the detail of no-Cost EMI. No Cost EMI covers the full cost of the product and Sometimes the interest amount is also included. in the MRP, after which the product is sold by telling the scheme of no interest EMI. most of the low selling products get no-cost EMI offers,

(4) Condition Cashback: Be Sure to understand the terms and Conditions of the Product with which we are getting Cashback. Sometimes Cashback Coupons are available on a Product and there are different conditions and limits for using the coupon.

6. Prepare any one project out of the given below:
(a) Visit your neighborhood and find out the following details: (See Lesson 8)

(i) How many of the 60 yr old and above have taken the vaccine for Covid – 19? Why
is vaccine important for infections diseases?

(ii) What safety measures did your family adapt to protect themselves from getting
infected with Covid – 19.

(iii) Write a poem/song to apprise about the safety measures to be taken to prevent
communicable diseases.

Ans: (i) When we checked in our nearest area, it came to know that there are total of 45 persons. of 60 years of age in this area. In which the number of females is 18 and the number of males is 27. 40 people have got the vaccine of Covid -19 in this area.

Importance of Vaccine:
A vaccine activates our immune system without making us sick. Many dangerous infectious diseases can be prevented in this simple and effective way. The body's immune system helps protect us against infections.

(ii) To avoid the infection of Covid-19, Our family adopted several measures:

(1) As much as possible, keep away from other people and pets in our home.
(2) Wear a mask if they must be around other people. Mask shouldn't be worn by kids younger than 2 years old or anyone who has trouble breathing.
(3) Cover Coughs and sneezes with a tissue, throw the tissue away and then wash their hands right away.
(4) Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand Sanitizer.
(5) If possible, Stay in a bedroom and use a bathroom separate from other people in the home.
(6) Use. Separate dishes, glasses, cups, and eating utensils and not share these with other household members. After use, run them through the dishwasher or wash with very water. hot soapy
(7) Use separate beding and towels and not Share there with other household members.

(ii) The following are the lines for the prevention of Covid-19:

Don't be afraid of Corona
We be may young or old, But we must be bold, Against the enemy untold.. untold. We can't go to malls, Nor Can we go to waterfalls, Because this virus is a-scaring, Sending our spines into shivering. If you have to gо out, think twice, Wear your mask, be wise after coming home, sanitize, and wash your hands thrice. Covid-19 is the name, It is playing a hide-and-seek game by following the rules, we can ensure endgame

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